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"Keeping Every Girl Free" is a non-profit organization that operates as a 501(c)3. Its mission is to offer hope to individuals working in the commercial sex industry through community outreach. The organization also aims to empower survivors who have overcome abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking by providing survivor-led mentorship programs. If you're interested, would you kindly consider partnering with us? All proceeds contribute to an individual's journey towards hope.

If you suspect someone is in need of help

Southern California Dream Hotline Number

855-85DREAM (855-853-7326)

National Human Trafficking Hotline


Text 'help' or 'info' to

BEFREE (233733)


Be Informed

Human trafficking is a 150 BILLION dollar industry - making more money than the NFL, Google, Starbucks, and Nike combined (Fair Trade Winds).

Data from the National Human Trafficking Hotline indicates that California has the greatest number of reported human trafficking cases.


In a survey, 75% of survivors reported being trafficked in motels. Over 6,000 calls have been made to the human trafficking hotline from a motel or hotel (Polaris).

In a survey, 89% of women in prostitution stated wanting out of their situation, but see no other choice without options for survival (Polaris). 

2023 At A Glance

Community outreach efforts resulted in distributing 25,000 makeup facial wipes inscribed with the 24/7 DREAM hotline to local motels and hotels throughout Southern California.

Through street outreach efforts, women experiencing sexual exploitation/trafficking are provided a survivor-inspired gift bag with a message of hope. 


    Next Steps

    - Recovery process is initiated

    - Victim is recovered

    - Provided food, shelter, safety

    - Access to medical, dental, detox, and mental health services

    - Option to receive 90 day emergency aftercare, and up to 2 years of long-term transitional housing

    - Opportunity to complete GED, Trade School, or enroll in College

    - Access to sustainable community resources

    - Survivor-led mentorship and support services available

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