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A Life

For some of us, our vulnerability to being preyed upon was largely due to growing up without stability and protection. Sadly, abuse is often experienced at a young age within what should be a safe space, leading to the introduction of negative influences on young, developing minds. This loss of innocence can start a cycle of trauma that may lead to alcohol or substance abuse, mental health struggles, suicide, running away, and being targeted for exploitation and human trafficking.

In 2013, Katherine Elaine Gallegos tragically lost her life, but her legacy lives on through the Katherine Elaine Gallegos Foundation, also known as Keeping Every Girl Free (KEG+F).


Our team comprises experienced experts whose lives have been repurposed. Each member has a unique story and lived experience, and we are committed to being beacons of hope for our community by providing awareness, creating prevention, and advocating for change. We are also passionate about supporting other victims and survivors in their journeys of recovery, restoration, and transformation.


By supporting our cause, you can help us empower the next victim, the next survivor, and the next thriver!

Thank You - April, Valerie, Dina,          Melissa, Morgan, & Gina

Board of Directors

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

Founder, Survivor, Speaker, Advocate

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

Lived Experience Expert & Survivor Mentor

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

Lived Experience Expert & Outreach Coordinator

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

Lived Experience Expert & Outreach Ambassador

Image by Nicola Fioravanti

Vice President

Image by Nicola Fioravanti


Image by Nicola Fioravanti


Image by Nicola Fioravanti

Visionary Ambassador &


Collaborative Partners

- Lives Worth Saving - Beacon4Victims - DLashCompany 

The Ashley Higgins Project: Speak Life - Gems Uncovered - Elevate Academy 

- The Whosoevers - LevelUp Cycle House - Stepping Into His Image (SiHi)/Restore

- Orange County Rescue Mission - The Teen Project - Refuge for Women

- Higher Ground - EverFree - Ending The Game

 - Crossline Church, Laguna Hills - Crosspoint Church, Temecula 

- Saddleback Church, Anaheim - Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Tustin 

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