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Southern California DREAM hotline

April is a survivor and lived experience expert of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and familial trafficking. Together with her husband, Robbie, she founded Keeping Every Girl Free in 2018 with a mission to advocate for individuals who have been victims of abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.

"As of 2023, the hospitality industry, particularly hotels, has become the most common venue for trafficking victims, with 75% of those who survive stating they have been involved in human trafficking in the hotel industry" (Polaris).

In 2021, Keeping Every Girl Free launched a dedicated Community Outreach initiative through a partnership with The Love Project, an organization providing a local hotline in Southern California. The initiative aims to help hundreds of local motels and hotels advocate for victims of human trafficking by placing soap bars or makeup facial wipes in each room. These toiletries are labeled with a 24/7 DREAM hotline number that ensures immediate assistance for victims, offering exit plans, safety shelters, restorative aftercare, and survivor-led mentoring.

April's journey in the anti-trafficking movement began in 2016 when she got involved in the OC Human Trafficking Task Force. She conducted extensive research and pursued every training opportunity available. In 2020, she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Sociology, Women and justice, and Anti-Human Trafficking from Vanguard University of Southern California.

Her work since then has involved serving victims one-on-one, becoming a board member with Gems Uncovered, mentoring survivors going through a 90-day emergency shelter program through Strong Beginnings at OC Rescue Mission, and facilitating the OC Chapter for Elevate Academy through the Rebecca Bender Initiative, the largest online school for survivors, providing community and career development.

April's commitment extends beyond immediate assistance through events, donations, and impactful campaigns. Keeping Every Girl Free aims to continue its vital work in mentoring and advocating for victims and survivors of human trafficking. We would like to invite you along on the journey by being a part of the lives we get to impact and serve. Thank you for your interest and time in getting involved in our vital work throughout Southern California. 

Since 2018, Keeping Every Girl Free has labeled and distributed 250,000 soap bars and makeup remover wipes throughout Southern California.

If you would like to get involved to fight against human trafficking, here are some ways you can help:

1. You can invite a survivor to speak at your event to raise awareness about human trafficking.

2. You can provide a service project that involves labeling makeup remover wipes.

3. You can also make a difference by donating.

To schedule an event or service project, please get in touch with April at


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